Alice Granovsky

Registered Massage Therapist


After more than a decade of working in the professional world of classical ballet, Alice Granovsky had battled with her own share of athletic injuries. There always seemed to have been a disconnect between the rehabilitation of local tissue health and the post-rehabilitation a patient’s global movement. How does one take a restored achilles tendon and turn it into a strong and energetically efficient run that will not lead to reinjury? Many times we see injury rehabilitation fleeting and stopping short of bringing you back to long term health. Cutting corners, before the body has been given the chance to re-integrate the newly healthy tissue into strong movement patterns, has been a leading cause of re-injury. Alice combines hands-on massage therapy with a Pilates-based exercise program to help your body bridge the gap between assisted help and the self governing control of your movement.

Alice Granovsky is an Ontario Registered Massage Therapist, a member of Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario and a fully certified Rehabilitative Pilates Trainer/ Instructor with STOTT Pilates and Body Harmonics. Alice has been a graduate of the accredited Canadian College of Massage Therapy since 2014 and has has been providing hands on treatment to soft tissue disorders at Toronto’s Core Studio. Alice’s treatments include therapeutic massage therapy, dynamic joint mobilizations, deep tissue release, myofascial tissue release and postural rebalancing/ restructuring. The fundamental focus is to balance mobility and flexibly with strength and power in order to create more energy efficient and functional global movement. Alice applies a systematic (looking at the body as a whole) approach to localized injuries in all stages of tissue rehabilitation; acute, chronic, and preventative. ‘The pain is not always where the problem is! ’The location of our painful areas is usually clear, but it takes a little bit of detective work to figure out where, how and why the problem originated. In response to both acute injury or chronic pain, the body will attempt compensate and rebalance itself by altering its structure and symmetry. In doing so, we generate painful tissue abnormalities in distant areas of the body. It is our job to help the body in this reparation process by gaining strength where needed, mobility where we are restricted, resulting in a pain free and energy efficient body.

With over 10 years of experience studying in depth anatomy and kinetic movement, her approach to full body rehabilitation entails a strong exercise program that is well balanced with her massage treatments. Whether you are a an athlete, dancer, someone who is looking to come back to previous activity or increase your current activity, there is a well balanced program waiting for you.

Alice is looking towards furthering her studies in Manual Osteopathy, Neurokinetic Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.