Meditation Teacher & Facilitator

Agenor Castro

Agenor Castro

Agenor Castro is a marketing executive with over 25 years of corporate leadership experience. After years of meditation practice, he decided to pursue the needed training to further his studies and become a certified teacher.

He practices Vipassana Meditation (Insight) and he currently teaches mindfulness and meditation, online and in-person, private and group, in English and Portuguese.

He also works with companies to help their employees manage specific stress situations and he trains area-specific teams to be more productive and integrated by using mindfulness techniques.

These are his accreditations:

X-Hale Toronto Teacher Training:

  • CBRT - Compassion-Based Resilience Training

(Dr. Joe Loizzo)

  • MBAR - Mindfulness-Based Addiction Recovery

(Valerie Mason-John)

  • MAST-ER - Mindfulness And Stabilization Training for Emotional resilience

(Dr. Rachael Frankford)

  • MARP - Mindfulness for At-Risk Population

(Vinny Ferraro)

  • Mindful Grief & Bereavement

(Dr. Sameet Kumar)

Unified Mindfulness - Teacher Training:

  • Core and Foundations of Unified Mindfulness (Julianna Raye and Shinzen Young)

CEC - Consciousness Explorers Club:

  • Guiding meditation

(Jeff Warren and Julianna Raye)

Toronto Zen Centre:

  • Zen Meditation Workshop

(Roshi Henderson)